The Other Half of Me

The end always justifies the means. Right?


The country of Cewara is a bad dream no one can wake up from.

To live in it is to live in a circle. A cycle. A broken system that cannot be changed and hope is only a fairy-tale. Only a foolish few are brave enough to stand and fight.


Keon and his twin brother are two of those fools. Fools with a fools hope that change is actually achievable in the oppressive and caste-divided country.

How they go about that change is dangerous, costly and seems to always result in nothing.

It’s no more effective than punching a stone wall! Broken bones don’t topple a kingdom!

But to do nothing at all is not an option. Not in Cewara. Not for them.


When a mysterious man named Asaro drops into their lives, offering them everything they ever hoped for on a golden platter; they take the hook without question.

Asaro seems to know exactly what to do, and he sparks to life a revolution that sets Cewara on fire! Keon’s dreams of real change are suddenly tangible!


However; the deeper into the revolution they get, the darker the shadow that the fight casts.

Keon thought he knew what he was fighting for. Who he was fighting against.

But now he doesn’t know anything at all…and the world he thought he understood is suddenly upside down.


As the fight reaches its peak; he is forced to ask himself what he’s really fighting for…and if the end is truly always worth the means.