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Daylon Clark

Daylon is a creative genius and visionary with a built-in simple button. He is the founding publisher at Yairus Publishing House which hosts annual workshops and webinars for creatives and professionals. His faith and immeasurable experience is admired as he reaches heights that aren’t easily obtained in his natural abilities. His influence empowers those who work with him to achieve greatnesses and fulfill many long outstanding dreams and goals. Daylon is very much a family man, currently living in Alberta, Canada with his wife Lynnaya and their three month old little girl, Aubree Mae. 

    He consults and coaches groups and individuals on how to develop bulletproof strategies for any project, product or event. 

    It is often said that “He is the guy that everyone should get to know and keep around.” Daylon lives by and drives his company with 1st Peter 4:10 in mind; Employ the spiritual talents, special gifts and abilities given by God, to faithfully serve one another, teaching and blessing each other through everything you do. 

Publisher & Strategist

Amy Rylander 

Amy is a powerful voice in the Body of Christ calling forth the Bride into the fullness of her divine destiny. She is a prophetic artist and teacher as well as a governmental intercessor. Her passion is helping people discover their true identity in Christ and teaching all ages how to hear the voice of God, discover hidden gifts and talents, and how to flow with the Holy Spirit and paint prophetically.

    In 2004 the Lord spoke to Amy and told her that He wanted her to use Art to worship Him and to advance His Kingdom in the earth. She has no formal Art training, but the Lord has taught her by His Spirit. For the past several years the Lord has used Amy's Art to speak to people, His Church and into government. She has painted for the Governor and First Lady of Mississippi, senators, representatives, and mayors. She paints and teaches internationally, in churches, conferences, retreats, weddings, hospitals, businesses, and political events. Amy and her husband Donald have been married over 27 years and have three sons. They are the senior leaders of We Are One Activation Center and Jackson Healing Rooms in Jackson, Mississippi.

Prophetic Artist

Cliff Newbury