Do you dream of writing a book but can’t seem to get started? Maybe you’ve already started but have lost either your vision or passion to continue? Perhaps you are ready to publish your manuscript and looking for a good publisher to work with? 


In this first time ever webinar you will find all the answers you’ve been looking for. From where do ideas generate from, to the first pages of your book, to what does publishing really look like and to the design of your very own book cover. We’re going to talk about it all! 


We are meant to share what we know and use our God-given talents to build one another up, to serve each other, to make a difference in one or more lives, and to ultimately make the Kingdom bigger. 


Publishing a book is one of the most rewarding projects you could ever do for yourself and others. It’s not all about selling your book to the masses—it’s about how your book will change you and how God will reveal more to you. Let Him write your book! 


Join us for a 2 day webinar that will teach you how to start strong and make your book happen. 


In this webinar, you’ll learn how to: 


     •   Explore your ideas and how to get them down on paper. 

     •.  What it takes to make “impossible ideas” become real.

     •   Define your purpose and what God has put inside of you. 

     •.  Build the confidence you need to push through any doubts and           finish your book. 

     •   Activate the true writer within you. 

     •   Plot and birth your book. 

     •   What marketing looks like for you. 

     •   Over come any challenges and set your attention on the finish             line.

     •   And so much more! 

What's Included:

  • Class Workbook

  • *45 Minute Private One-on-One Mentoring Session with Daylon Clark, Publisher.

    • Scheduled at a later date.

  • *Custom Designed Book Cover (Front Only)

  • 550 Resources

    • 10 Tips to begin a better writer 

    • 20 strategies to overcome writers block

    • 30 Writing Prompts 

    • 40 Senses of a character 

    • 50 Ways to stay productive. 

    • 60 Ways to stay creative. 

    • 70 Ways to say “bad” or “good” 

    • 80 Different ways to say “said” 

    • 90 Tools / resources for writers

    • 100 Inspirational Quotes for writers. 

  • 12 hour course. 

  • All Sessions Recorded for Your Reviewing Later. 

  • All Inspire the Book Within Presentation Slides.